Bright Smile & Anxiety Less Service

Bright Smile & Anxiety Less Service

Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be viewed as a daunting or scary task.
Shouldn’t it be one filled with the sense of hope and something to look forward to?
After all who doesn’t want a bright, clean smile at the end of the day?

That’s why over at OMIC, we prioritise your personal experience.
Every appointment is painless from the moment of
appointment booking until you check out; we’ll have you in smiles.

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In Office Teeth Whitening FLASH

At $888 plus a personal home whitening kit (worth $500 for first 100 patients). Total package worth $1400.

* Limited to 1 patient per treatment.

What Does It Involve?

  • Come in for a consult with our dental practitioners. Our dentists will work with you to understand the causes for your teeth staining, learn about your teeth whitening goals and make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy at the start.
  • Dental hygiene cleaning (Scaling and polishing) is recommended before the procedure. A complete dental hygiene cleaning before the whitening has a beneficial effect. Teeth are semi-permeable, and teeth whitening uses safe chemicals to permeate into the tooth enamel and break up the stains into less concentrated colours.
  • At the start of the procedure, your dentist makes the initial shade recordings. He then places a gingiva protector before applying the bleaching gels over your teeth.
  • LED light is used to activate the whitening substance. The whitening gel of FLASH has a neutral PH. It does not make any change in the tissue structure of the teeth. An indicative result from in office bleaching is illustrated here.
  • The ensuing immediate four days after the bleaching treatment, it is important to comply with coloured beverage restriction and protection against extreme cold and hot such as iced lemonade or hot soup. Coloured beverage restrictions include: coke, coffee, red wine, black tea, jam, beetroot and curry.
  • Be the first 100 patients, you will receive a set of free personal home whitening kit worth $500 given to you for maintenance. In office whitening may be repeated as required every one of two years depending on habits.
  • The treatment is safe and effective with minimal side effects. Have a chat with us to see whether the treatment is right for you.


诊疗所一次性牙齿漂白总价值$ 1400。现在是介绍价888 新元,外加个人家用美白套装价值 500 新元(只限于前 100 名患者)。每名患者仅限一次特价。


  • 请前来咨询我们的牙科医生。我们的牙科医生将与您一起了解牙齿染色的原因。通过了解您所需的牙齿美白的目标,让您的牙齿和牙龈从未洁白前开始就已良佳健康。
  • 在漂白程序开始时,您的牙医会进行初始颜色记录。然后,在将漂白凝胶涂在牙齿上之前,他会放置牙龈保护膜。
  • 医生会利用光二极管灯(LED)来激活漂白凝胶。 FLASH的漂白的漂白素具有中性PH酸值。它不会改变牙齿的组织结构。我们与下图简明了解漂白的效果:
  • 漂白处理后的四天后,应该遵守有色饮料限制和防止极端寒冷和炎热如冰柠檬水或热汤是很重要的。有色饮料限制包括:可乐、咖啡、红酒、红茶、果酱、甜菜根和咖喱。
  • 前100名报名者,将收到一套个人家用漂美白器套装,提供给您进行保养持续您漂白的成果。根据个人习惯,每隔一年或两年可根据可需要重复美白或漂白。
  • 最后,治疗是安全有效,副作用小。与我们交谈,看看治疗是否适合您!谢谢。


TIP: Tooth Whitening before restorative treatments!

Prosthetic treatments, such as inlays, crowns or implants cannot be altered in color when placed. Benefit now from professional tooth whitening and get your brightest smile now.

Is the system safe?

A variety of studies have shown that this type of tooth whitening is safe for teeth and gums. The active ingredient hydrogen peroxide has been successfully used in dentistry for decades.

How long do the results last?

With normal care of your teeth by brushing, flossing and regular professional dental cleaning your teeth will always be lighter than before treatment. A post treatment can be offered as part of a regular preventive maintenance treatment. A post-treatment with home whitening is also possible.

Are there any side effects?

Usually the treatment is painless. Some patients might get an increased sensitivity during or after treatment. All side effects are usually over after 1-2 days. If required, your dentist can recommend products against tooth sensitivity, which can be used after the treatment. What do I need to think about after the treatment? For at least 4 hours (minimum) after whitening, please refrain from consuming tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes etc., as this will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

How does it work?

Stains and discoloration are gently dissolved with all methods. Your practice team will recommend the best choice to you.

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